Monday, December 22, 2008

Quit Acting Like a Chicken!

Seriously. Well, just being punny. Almost every time I go to my garden, I found now about 6 chickens in it, eating the leaves off my vegetables. There is a gate in between the chicken pen and my garden. So, if I don’t feed them fast enough each day, they just fly over and help themselves to the garden. So, I said, “that’s it” and I went into the house to grab my scissors. Now catching chickens is another thing. They freak out and run. So I have to be slow and sneaky. I had 10 chickens to catch so I could cut their wings. I only cut one side, their flight feathers, so if they try to fly, they’ll go off balance. If I cut both sides, they could just flap their wings harder and sometimes still make it over the fence. So after I cut one side on a chicken, I would gently throw it out in front of me to see how it flew. Yup, they can’t fly. I have really enjoyed raising up chickens and I am thinking about making money from it. I have sold a few to friends. None of mine are mixed either. So, finally I found something that I really enjoy doing make some money from it.

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Chris H said...

I have heard of doing that to birds! I had chickens about ooooo 28 years ago for a short time and loved it too. MERRY CHRISTMAS chick.