Friday, March 21, 2008

Influenza Type B

I disappeared on my blogging because I got so incredibly sick that night after Amazing Jakes. I felt it in my chest that night and it just went downhill from there. In and out of the hospital I found out I had caught the Influenza Type B bug. It was horrible! My husband had gotten us tickets to the Renaissance on a Saturday and I went because I thought maybe I just had real bad cold at first. I had already suffered constant fevers for two days nonstop and it was really foolish for me to go! I didn't want to let anyone down so I went. There, I could hardly breathe and it just got worse and worse. I had to keep sitting down because fevers were making me so shaky. My husband eventually had to put me in a tepid bath late at night to cool me down. I asked him if he would read his bible to me while I lay there so he did. Eventually, while reading about Jesus, he got real bad hiccups. Everytime he said "Jesus", he did a hiccup and would make him sound like he's yelling His name real high pitched! It was so funny. He was tired and grumpy though so he didn't have much patience for my giggling. Finally, he said, "if you laugh one time, I'm out of here." So, sitting in the tepid water (cold to me), I lay shivering trying my hardest not to even smile. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and let out giggle. Charles took off. After he left, I just let all my laughter loose until I was wheezing. I really lost that battle. Eventually, the pain in my chest was so bad I had to go back into the ER. Finally they gave me Vicadin and an inhaler. By the time I drove home, I was crying because I just wanted to be home in my bed and I was gone at the hospital so long waiting for help. I begged Charles to get me my medicine and mercifully, I fell into a deep sleep. I woke up with all my pain gone for the first time in 5 days. I just smiled and fell back deeper into my pillow. It was such a relief. For several days I just slept and slept while, thankfully, my husband cared for me. Thank God he was there for me. Constantly trying to cool me down because fevers came and went for so many days. Finally, on the 8th day, I had no more fevers. Then Charles fell ill and had to sleep right along with me. It was hard! My mom, on the worst days, had my younger two so my older boys were able to care for themselves. Thank goodness! As soon as I could, with my kids now suffering fevers, I went to church. I was so weak I could hardly push the gas petal. I made it though and sat down hard into my seat at church. It took all my energy to get there, but it was good to be in God's house. I've been having to sleep a lot at night and take naps in the day but hopefully my energy needed will come back soon.

The few times I laid awake in my bed while sick, I reflected on my daily tasks I was used to doing. I thought, "How in the world will I ever get back to that? How in the world did I have all that energy to do all that?" I started to get depressed just thinking about. Yesterday, I was feeling so much better but I couldn't do more than just sitting on the couch with a blanket. I longed to see the sunshine and the hills. This morning I cried to God for His strength. I asked Him to help me in such a weak time of my life. I sang songs, read His Word, prayed to Him. I knew now how much I really really needed Him. I know I can't do it without God. I realize how weak I am and how much Greater is He. I tend to rely on my own strengths, my own ingenuity, but God is the giver of Joy, of real peace. Nothing in this world is as fulfilling or as satisfying as serving Him. I hope soon to be back to my normal pace because I am falling really behind in their homeschooling. The doctor said the Influenza Type B is a Respiratory Virus so it really sets you back for awhile and makes you tired a lot...but eventually it'll pass. I hope so! I hope to be back to my high energy days. For now, I'll sit back, relax, and sip some hot tea and watch the sunset. :o)
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