Sunday, March 09, 2008

Battle For Minds In California

"Christian radio station 90.9 reported this morning that a California district court ruled on February 28th that children cannot be homeschooled unless the parent has teaching credentials. They reported that there are 166,000 homeschooled students in California."

I heard about it today on the radio. It is so wicked that they would do this to our children. In California, I know that there were parents who were pulling their kids out of school since homosexuality was being put into all the textbooks. It even more sad now that the government is fighting back by banning homeschool all together. Tom Horne, in our state, said that there is no such proposal here to ban homeschooling. Nevertheless, don't be fooled, it could come soon. They tried to do it in 1991 but thankfully it was shot down. I pray that this won't come into Arizona. Or at least any time soon. Some times when things get passed in a state, other states will follow suit. Whether we decide to have our children in a public, private, charter, or schooled at home, it should be our choice as parents. Regardless of what they say, it is our right.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Please go to the Focus on the Family website and sign their petition. There's a link on my blog if you scroll down a bit that will get you there directly. Thanks!!

Pfingston said...

This makes me SO MAD! And thanks to Mrs C I know what I can do!
PS - your little lady is BEAUTIFUL!