Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Note: You can click on pictures for a larger version to see them better.

I hope you all had an awesome Easter! Charles and I were a little caught off guard because I miscalculated and thought Easter was the next weekend! So we ran off literally the night before and tried to find some Easter stuff. I think because we had been sick for two weeks with the flu, we were kind of out of it with all the dates and stuff. Ha ha! Anyway, so we rushed off and of course couldn't find any good Easter baskets at 10pm at night. Soooo, we decided to make them. This time though, we wanted to be practical. We thought, "what do they really need, but would also love"? Right then we walked past a bunch of kid's beach towels. We got them each their favorite characters. Had to run to different store to find chocolate bunnies and candy, and we were set. They LOVED it! They absolutely love to swim at The Lakes in the heated pool where my mom lives, so they are excited to use them. Since they are starting swimming lessons soon, it's perfect timing. Good for us too, that they loved it, because there were no more good Easter baskets at the stores! Ha!

(Pictures of kids in the morning before church with their Easter baskets, and later at Charles' aunt's house. Pic is of him and his grandma).

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