Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amazing Jakes!

I've been wanting to take the boys for awhile to Amazing Jakes so we chose last night, on Family Night, to go. These are some pics from being there. I would of loved to have played also but I was keeping little baby Ashley with me! LOL! What an absolute great place to have a party. There is just so much stuff, it's crazy. The pics show Ivy who loved the train. I asked her if she wanted to ride the teacups with me but she said, "mommy, I too scared!" So she kept going back and forth from the horses to the train. Was so cute. Chaz and Ryan mostly cared about the Lazer Tag and Race Cars. Kyle is in love with Thomas the Tank Engine so he of course constantly rode the train with Ivy. (He even has Thomas underwear, hee hee). Anyhow, for as much as it costs just to go there, I stayed as long as I could!


gone forever said...

Hey! Just browsing your blog. Found you on 5minutesformom. =) i love your site. You seem to have a very happy family =).

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Ohhh... Ashley's growing so big! Look at that big blondie head :]

VaQueenBee said...

Looks like a fun place! Glad to see you back in the world of blog. :o)