Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Things We Take for Granted

I've been doing some thinking, especially since Mother's Day is coming up, about how people used to have servants. At least some people did who could afford it. I would think, "Hey, what about me?" LOL! Then I really thought about it and this is what I realized....

Years ago, People sometimes had maidservants, we have the same here. People had it a lot harder back then in different ways, and I personally think we are extremely spoiled. Our maidservants come in many forms. We have a washing machine to wash our clothes rather than over a hot tub in the sun, we have a dishwasher to wash our dishes rather than by hand. We have water that comes right out of the tap, hot or warm! Rather than walking to a well some distance from the house. We have drains in our built in bath tubs rather than getting buckets to empty it outside. Much work was put into heating water in order just to draw a hot bath! We have electricity so we can stay up later rather than carrying candles around the house. We don't have to chop firewood to put in the stove in order to cook our food that comes from a natural fridge that had to be dug in the ground. We even have microwaves to give us instant food rather than labor over the stoves whether we felt like it or not! We have cars that can take us anywhere we need to go rather than having a carriage to slowly take us to town to buy more food. We can rummage through a sale at Dillards rather than plod with horses into town, sift through yards of material, then ride back home with the horses, measure, then sew just to have clothes on our back. We have airplanes to quickly take us to see a relative who may be sick and dying, or just to visit, rather than taking weeks, even months, just to travel there in hot carriages or sometimes trains. Most had to be satisfied to just send a letter. 

 You see, we truly are blessed! We have so many servants living right in our houses but we are so used to them we have ceased to remember that God blessed us with them. On the contrary, I believe we have it much easier these days. Lets not forget our blessings! So next time you look in the mirror and complain that your curling iron is taking too long to heat up, Just remember how far we've come!

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Melany aka Supermom said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I wish I could have another child. I would LOVE to have a daughter. I often say I'd adopt a little girl later on in life. I really hope to.