Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Busy Weekend

My dad, Ivy, and I went off to visit family in Globe this weekend. Sunday night we visited Old church in Globe. We had a lot of fun. Ivy was a little fussy the whole time. I had to share a bed with her which I have never done and I couldn't believe how hard it was to sleep with her!! I laid down with her at 10pm Sunday Night, she talked, we sang songs till about 11pm in the dark. Finally I was so tired I kept begging her to close her eyes and sleep. She tosses so much in her sleep and she's such a light sleeper. I could barely roll over without her waking up. At around 2:30am, she was ready to get up for the day. She kept clapping her hands and saying "yay"! I made her go back to sleep of course. Then I woke up around 6:30am but I was afraid to leave her alone on such a high bed so I had to lay with her for another hour till she awoke. I had fun visiting our old church where my parents got saved and seeing some of my old friends. I love the rolling hills and I was excited to hear the mines were opening back up so that provides a lot of jobs for the men in the town. Ivy was quite a handful because I think she was teething and I couldn't get her to eat much. Otherwise, my dad and I had a great time and it was fun going together. Before that we had pool party at his family's house and then after the Globe trip I came home to a bunch of friends at my house. So after I played games, made lunch, and hung out. My friend and I drove to Anthem to some shops out there and then back to play more games. All in all, it was a very busy but fun holiday!

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