Monday, April 16, 2007


I was not blogging for a little bit because I found out I had three viruses on my computer and my internet was shut down. I then took my computer in to get them removed by a professional. Now that I have Norton and a firewall, it's already saved me from getting the same virus again. Ugh. Glad that's taken care of.


Iccle One said...

How do you manage with all the children, when you go to the supermarket? I'm asking all the mums I know - following seeing a child eating unbought food in the supermarket last night.

Virginia Revoir said...

Hi! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. Actually, I tell my kids in the supermarket that they can look with their eyes and not with their hands. They are allowed to say they like something but not tell me they want it. I always tell them the rules before I walk in the store rather than once I'm inside. I do sometimes get some crackers and let them eat it while I'm shopping and then pay for it in the checkout. I don't let them just start opening whatever they want though. My mom did this with me and it helped me to stay calm with having something to occupy me. They know that they have to stay by my cart at all times and be respectful by not yelling or raising their voices. This is just how I've always done things and people always tell me that the kids are well behaved in the stores. I always smile because I know how hyper they are at home! :o) I hope I answered your question!