Monday, April 02, 2007

Moved and Lots to Do!

This isn't a very good pic. Just the kids walking around in their jammies. I found this picture on my moms computer. Sorry that I haven't written in so long! I'm having trouble getting Cox to fix my internet so I'm using my moms computer right now. I'm in my house so I'm busy, busy, busy and just loving it. Hate to sit around. I've installed 5 fans so far while Charles was at work. That's Ivy's fan you see in picture. Took me a day and a half to install all five. Of course that's because I also have four kids at home right now! : ) I've been gardening. Planting trees and flowers. Much more flowers to plant. I have about 8 more trees to plant. I threw out all my old furniture and bought new ones that I really love. Charles and I are just having so much fun having our own place. I really appreciate it after living in that apartment for a year. God has given me so much in 8 years that I feel overwhelmed by his blessings. I wish I could write again soon!

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Jay said...

Love the pink fan!