Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fun Homemaking

Internet back up!! Yay! Anyhow, since we've moved in Charles and I had to go shopping for a new table since soon we will be a family of seven. This seats eight. That's the dining area. We bought the same version but taller and a two seater in the breakfast room plus matching bar stools for bar. We threw out all of our old furniture and just got new stuff. A patio table coming soon. The tree you see in the picture is a purple plum that blooms white flowers. However I'm gonna have my landscaper redig it back up and put a tree with green leaves instead. This one doesn't get very big and only blooms a short time once a year. I've been doing some gardening on my spare time. Love it! I have 5 more trees to plant and grass to put in backyard soon. The thing that's so awesome about owning a house and being a homemaker is that there is always so much to do. I rarely ever sit down and I'm never bored. I love always being busy whether it's with the kids, gardening, working around the house, cooking, etc,. I love being busy and that's what tortured me about living in the apartment. There was not much to do around the place. Anyhow, hope you can endure my improvement journals. When I have time, I'll tell you about the weird day I had today that put me to tears. Will share soon. Have to wash hubbies clothes right now. :o)

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