Thursday, April 05, 2007

April 2006 Flashback

Come and see what happened last year in April 2006! Lots of stuff happens in just one years time that we forget. Like Easter Egg dyeing with photos, the dullness of waiting for my house (yep, a year ago I was talking about it still), yet another McDonalds scare with Kyle, dogsitting and where Ivy learned to love animals, family fun in the park, Rawhide photos, babysitting, my nephews party photos, Rainforest Cafe photos, so much more. Okay, so I love journaling. But don't you think it's neat to track how much your life is changing, how much your little ones have grown, and how much you yourself have changed? These always remin me how little of time I have left with my small children. Before I know it they will be grown up.

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