Sunday, March 11, 2007

What's Working for Chaz

Charles and I are so excited that we have found the root cause of Chaz's emotional outbreaks. I got to visit again with Chaz's doctor and we found that there was no change when he was on Ritilin but there was a significant change when Chaz was put on Abilify. I guess Ritilin never worked for my husband either. He had to use a different form for his ADHD. What IS working for Chaz is for people that have some type of Mood Disorder. There are various kinds. Chaz has been excellent in school and has been scoring perfect in his behavior every day for the last few days. Even at home. Usually Chaz fluctuates between being happy, mad, enraged, crying, back to happy again. Usually he causes a lot of stress in the household! But not since last Wednesday since he was started on Abilify. Actually, Abilify is one of the safest ones to use for Mood Disorders. This has been a huge relief for Charles and I and also for Chaz's teacher. She said she can't believe how well behaved he's been in school. We have never seen Chaz so happy since... well, never! We are also watching to see if he is able to focus in his classroom and learn. If he really struggles, then we will find something for his ADHD. For now we of course don't give him things with much sugar in it because we know it aggrivates his ADHD. I really like his doctor and I'm very impressed with him because he is slow and careful with his decisions. I can't tell you how excited Charles and I are about this new step with Chaz. After I have done much study about ADHD and Mood Disorders, I am sad to see that there are actual websites out there that say it's a fraud. Obviously those people have never dealt with it in their personal lives. I also learned that although it is helpful knowing what they are allergic to, eliminating those things does help the issues, but doesn't cure it. So I will be getting some allergy tests done but not eliminating the medication. This has been an unbelievable step up for us. I am so excited!!!

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