Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ryan's Field Day

Today was Ryan's field day and it was very cute to watch. All the little girls were surrounding Ivy. I promised Ryan I'd be there to watch the competitions but it was hard because I had such bad morning sickness. I knew that the teacher wouldn't be very happy if I lost it right in front of all the kids. Not to mention the fact that Ryan could ask me never to participate again! LOL! Anyhow, after that we ate with Ryan in the cafeteria. Are all cafeteria ladies mean? Because when I went to school they were looking at you like, "I give the food so you'd better worship me!" This lady was meeean! It brought me back to my earlier days in school. It was cute sitting with all the kids. Also, I knew my time was limited with Ryan wanting to hold his mommy's hand in front of all his friends! So, of course I had to come...

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