Saturday, December 02, 2006

Office Party 2006

My husband's job had an office party at the Sheraton Hotel like last years. We dropped our kids off at the sitters and headed to the hotel. It was fun! We did the same stuff as last year. First we eat dinner, then the music starts. Some people dance (in their own section), some stay and visit, some go play poker. Now you have to know that their is no real gambling happening. Otherwise we'd have no part of it! Some people won prizes like Sean who won $500 and others won $250. They just call out random names and people win. We won last year. I finally found some fellow Christians so we hung out outside and talked for awhile and that's when the night really picked up for me. I'm not really into the loud music and all that other stuff. Anyhow, I got home late so I'm heading for bed! I"m stuffed with food and dessert and now I'm exhausted. Oh, I just love the holidays! :)

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