Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Time!

I just love the holidays! Not so much the shopping and all the materialistic aspect of it. But the lights, the cheery moods, the music, the crisp air, the excitement. Today at Scottsdale Bible there was a Christmas tree and every ornament had a name so I got to put mine on one and hang it. Today I took the boys in my class down the hallway so they can watch the construction men at work laying down concrete. They loved it! Then we went back to work after a half hour. They got to see it being poured and then smoothed out. Today I get my Christmas picture cards from Costco. I'm so excited to send all 125 out! Anyhow, I hope your Holiday season is going well also. :) The kids and I have so much planned, like the lights at the zoo, a church production at a church we always love to see, a bible town that another church makes in December with all the animals and things you can walk through. Then, our own kids plays. This is such a fun season to spend together as a family. I especially feel blessed to share it with Charles. He is such a joy to be around. :)

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