Monday, February 06, 2006

Picture Day


It seems that Ivy does not like picture day. She'll be happy as a lark...until you walk into a photo studio. I start thinking that all is well, Ivy is happy, this is gonna be a different session this time!!! She's smiling. Then I set her down for her first pose. She gets that look on her face. Uh, oh. Here it comes. She stares at the lens as if it were a one eyed alien. Then her lower lip quivers, Her eyes wide, a flash snatches her picture. Then she breaks down into an emotional mess and cries big crocodile tears. Oh dear. She looks at me as if to say "Mom? Why....?" Finally after a few (hundred it seems) serious and emotional shots, I tell the Lady that I'll walk around and calm her down. She never gets over it. I cuddle and kiss her. Give her the pacifier. A promise of a college tuition. Nothing works. Well, after awhile I head back. I lift my chin and say "This is as good as it gets, just take the darn picture". (I say that to myself of course). I walked in the studio and said "Look, just take the picture... I don't care what happens. Just snap away!" She does. I set her down at an all time record and before Ivy could say "Take-me-to-the-mall-and-let-me-max-out-dad-credit-cards" we get several shots. I'm happy, she's happy, that poor picture lady is happy. And after being at the mall for 6 hours. All my kids are happy. That said in done. Here's a picture of Ivy. Serious. But it's a picture. : ) I kind of like it.

P.S. We did get a smile later (a miracle!) but this one is still cute.

Virginia Revoir
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