Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Fear of Square Dancing

I am second row from the bottom, third person from left

The one thing in school I hated with a passion, was square dancing. Don't get me wrong, I loooove country music. If I ever was in a band, I'd be in that one. (Country Rock though, not Country and Western). Anyhow, in 5th grade, we had to learn. The boy that was supposed to be my partner just got done wiping a big snot off his nose. Without cleaning his hand, he offered his hand to me as his partner. He was assigned so I had no choice. I pleaded sick and ran out of the room. Junior High School I remember having to square dance in gym. I said uh oh. Ain't no one getting me to square dance so I ran out of there too. Same story in high school. So, today, over 10 years later, I was faced with my fear. I walked into my homemakers group (all women), which is in a big room, and noticed there was no chairs. I looked around and saw the cowboy (older) man that had some music. Uh oh. I heard him instruct us to find a partner. I raced to the coffee maker and hid behind it. (It's a big one) They kept saying that someone needed a partner. I looked around pretending to be busy, thinking "no way in heck are they getting me to square dance". Why, oh why, did this have to be Donna Otto's birthday wish? (Homemaker By Choice's leader and founder). It was her birthday and she wanted to make us all square dance. (Hardy har). People kept trying to pull me into the ring but I refused. But when Donna Otta physically dragged me by the hand and put me with a partner, I had to comply. After all, what is a friend to do on her birthday? (Scream and run away). But no, I had to square dance, right in the front. My gosh. So it had caught up with me. My elementary school teachers must've prayed this on me. Teachers can be so pushy. Sigh. So the music started. I had to learn all the dances. Do-si-do (however that is spelled), line dancing, the new line dance (to New York, New York), and a few others. I had some fun after I got them all down, but boy did my legs hurt in my heels. We learned about 5 dances. Afterward, I grabbed Donna by her shoulders, looked her straight in the eye, and said "I only did this for you. I will never do this for anyone else. Happy Birthday!" After all, it was all ladies. I wish I had a picture to show you. Donna Otto is a wonderful lady so we all did it for her. Arrghh!!! Hopefully next years birthday wish won't be for us to do the polka. (I won't give her any ideas).

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