Monday, February 27, 2006

McDonald Adventures

Oh, how I love to go to McDonalds. Do you know that a childless man once said to Charles and I, "No one ever goes to McDonalds anymore. I'm pretty sure they're gonna go out of business anyday." HAHAHAHAHAHA! Charles and I couldn't stop rolling over that one. Unfortunately, no NICE restaurant has ever caught on to that idea. Like a nice PF Changs with a room for people you hire to babysit. Ooooohhhh, I would be their greatest customer. We would walk in every Friday night (or every night) and say "hello, we would like the usual". Oh man! Could you imagine?! They would get sick of us because it would just be another excuse for Charles and I to have date night. So for'll have to be McDonalds. I'm sure after we were there for 4 hours today, the people were beginning to wonder. I even had them warm up a bottle for Ivy. In fact, they should have a meal dedicated just for moms. It'd be the McMommy special. A salad, Big Mac, Diet Soda, (a jalepeno to go with a burger for those moms who like some spice in their life), and a warm bottle to go. Oooohhh....And the special surprise, instead of a toy, could be a diaper and wipe pack. Maybe I should call the corporate office. Don't thank me now...wait till the commercial comes out.

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