Sunday, July 09, 2017

Mission Trip to Guatemala Day 1

We worked hard over the last year to save so we could send our sons Chaz and Ryan to Guatemala with our church youth.  Omgosh, it was sooooooooo worth it.  I don't how many times we backed out.  Half and half we heard good and bad about going.  Was it worth the risk?  Haven't we taught our sons their whole life the importance of helping others in need?  How we are the hands and feet of Jesus?  Sometimes I laid awake at night worrying.  How would I get the money?  We have a large family.  So many expenses. 

My husband was in an accident.  So glad he make it out with only scrapes and bruises. But car was totaled.  Do we stop paying for the trip and just buy another car?  After a lot of prayer and thought we decided it was still going to happen for our boys because their heart was set on it and they wanted to go.  They had been practicing for their plays and we couldn't do that to them.

So it happened!  We got up at 1:30am to head to the airport.  We were the first ones there out of the group. Man, it was such a maze and we were tired but the boys were hyped.  They had never been on a plane before. As the group arrived the air got such an exciting feel for it.  My heart leaped with joy because my boys were living my lifelong dream.  To go to orphanages to see kids, minister to them, help feed them, and also take food to people alongside mountains.  Homes that were built into the mountain.  Long trails, hills, and winding roads but they excitedly were doing it.

As each picture came in my heart melted.  These were my boys and my AMAZING church that set it all up.  My heart has been for missions more and more over the years.  We didn't have to be pastors to experience it.  Didn't have to be wealthy.  We just have a church that says children, teens, and adults matter and we can all make a difference. 

Today, while sitting in service and hearing about where are church is going.  More and more into the missions field, for the first time in 3 1/2 years I felt like this is definitely MY church.  Where I belong.  Not just my kids and teens.  But for Charles and I.  The first time Pastor Bill talked to the church about his heart to work in missions and also some orphanages and places that work with teens in sex trafficking, I had tears running down my face.  It took everything in me not to sob.  Because I always felt I had to have status to help.  To be a servant the way Jesus meant us to be. My church made it possible and I am so grateful.