Friday, July 14, 2017

Boys Home from Guatemala

Guatemala for my boys was an 8 day trip.  Definitely an adventure!  They saw a volcano nearby, visited many schools, an orphanage, took a boat ride, prayed with a lot of people, and brought food to homes.  I'm SO PROUD of my boys. They definitely came back with a different perspective of America.


Ryan talked to me about how neat the market is.  How the money I sent with him was so much more there.  He didn't get much time to shop but it was neat how he was able to negotiate price.  They brought home some interesting treats for me to try.  :)

Chaz came home at midnight and immediately wanted to talk to us.  He had a major experience during the missions trip.  He absolutely loved praying with people and encouraging.  He loved being busy every day even though it was tiring.  There wasn't much time for play as they had their days packed with outreaching from place to place.  Chaz was such at ease talking to people he didn't know.  This is Chaz we're talking about here.  If you go way back in this blog, to around 2005-2007, Chaz had a hard time with communication, and some violent behaviors.  He's come such a long way! He's almost 17 and has such a big heart for people and patience for kids.

I'm glad my boys are home.  Even though they're tired, in the morning we are volunteering at an orphanage here in the valley.  I'm glad they get at least one day of rest.  :)

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