Monday, April 28, 2014

The Law of Grace/Taking Baby Steps in God's Word

I found this amazing app on my phone where I can find series of sermons according to what I really am going through in my life.  It's obvious what I've been talking and thinking about lately.  Daily I'm studying, researching, listening to sermons on it.  I guess what I so hungrily want to know is exactly how God's grace works.  I hear it over and over again about how we are saved by grace.  Well, what about after that?  Are we still earning our salvation?  A friend alerted me that Robert Morris did a whole series on this and I could download his app on my phone to hear any of the sermons anytime.  It's just easier that way because I can't always been on the computer.  I listen to sermons online from my church but this is a subject I've been really studying.  Well, what do you know!  I found 2 particular sermons in the series that answers the questions for me.  I would LOVE to share.


I wish I could just embed video here but there wasn't that option.  Wow, wow, and wow!  I just cried and cried listening to both of these sermons.  He said something really powerful in it.  Unless you really have tried to live under the law, how we can't, how heavy it is, impossible, it's hard to understand the need for grace.  I am totally paraphrasing here because it's hard to remember exact words. OH, HOW I VERY MUCH understand what it's like to live under the law and I was dying, was crushed, underneath it.  I thought it was a trip how he mentioned, you know when you are living under the law because one day it just gets so heavy you say you can't do it anymore.  It's just impossible.  It IS impossible!  I went 7 months still bewildered and seemingly running in circles in my mind as to what I believed anymore.  I just didn't really want to think about it anymore because it all seemed overwhelming.... till I began to learn a little bit more about grace.  People that have said I'm full of it and just am making excuses for sin, it's because some think sin is used as a free card to go sin for a day.  They are missing it by a long shot.  The vidoes just really answer so many of those questions.  I implore friends to watch it when you get the chance!  If you download the Gateway church app, you can look up sermons, then series, then Overwhelmed by God's grace.  Or just click on links above. 
(Notes from one of the sermons I was listening to)

It is a gift we receive, not a goal we achieve.  God is not waiting to see if you are good enough, if you are good and bad, if you add more good at the end of your life you'll get there.  If you believed in Jesus you have received the gift of grace.  Grace is not cheap but it's free.  It's not cheap because it cost the blood of Jesus.  But it is free.  But there are things that accompany salvation, there are things that happen in our lives, souls and minds because we are saved." -Robert Morris

Titus 2:11

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