Friday, April 18, 2014

Church Easter Egg Hunt 2014

We already did a huge Easter egg hunt last week with our church.  A friend told us to come early because parking would be limited.  So glad we listened!  We signed six up for the hunt out of seven kids.  Chick-Fil-A showed up and gave everyone free chicken sandwhiches... yum!!!!  I guess several companies supported it and gave away some cool prizes.  I'm sure the church bought some of them too.  Fun!  It brought a ton of visitors which is great!

Ivy (8) is in the middle in the blue jeans

Little Juliet won a sand play kit and Ivy won a dozen donuts, a Peter Piper Pizza party, a stuffed bunny, and cotton candy. Wow!  The Easter egg hunt began and it was wiiiiiiild!  The next day, visitors that had been invited to the hunt came to church the next day for the first time.  That is so cool.

Caleb (4) and Kyle (10)

We are soooooo not looking forward to the summer heat here.  No matter what event it is, we always get bad headaches and are in bed for some of the day after.  We all felt really sick and it's not even as hot as it's gonna get!  Argh!  Here I was born and raised here and can't get used to the heat.  I tell my husband all the time I'd be happier here if our backyard was a paradise but that comes with lots of money... Especially in the desert area. Water doesn't come easily around here.  It definitely doesn't come from the sky!  It rains so little here that when it does rain, people walk outside of their houses to see it.  It's so rare and passes so quickly, like in 10 minutes, that you are lucky if you get wet.  :(  I'm a green tree, rain, and hills kinda gal.  I love the city but would love more greenery.

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