Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years Survey

New years resolution: Lose like at least 15 lbs. Yeah!

1. Who was the first person you talked to in 08?
My husband. We were both on computer, looked at each other and said, "oh, Happy New Years!"

2. The first person you hugged?
I think it was my little baby Ashley. It's so hard not to hug her.

3. The first person you called?
Gosh I don't know. I hate the phone so that's a hard one.

4. The first person you texted?
Don't text.

5. The first thing you drank?
Probably Diet Coke. I don't drink so that's out of the question.

6. The first person that called you?
Probably my dad! He always calls.

7. The first person that texted you?
no body

8. Have you talked to all of your top 8 yet?

9. Any of them?

10. Who was the 1st person to hang up on you?

11. What was the first thing you watched on TV?
Do not have TV

12. Who was the first person you thought of?
Nothing really. Didn't really think much of the new year. Just another day on my calendar. I know I'm a party pooper!

13. What was the first thing you ate?
Probably Captain Crunch cereal.

14. What where you wearing at midnight?
The works of course. Cute jeans with an adorable top, with high boots with high heel.

15. First kiss?
my hubby. Duh.

16. First fight?

17. First laugh?
Always with my husband. We have fun together.

18. First person you said 'I love you' to?
I'm sure my husband, otherwise to my kids.

19. First stupid thing you did?
Gee... that's not hard to know. I completely wiped (again) in front of my husband and fell hard on tile. I could hardly stop laughing.

20. First thing you bought?

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