Thursday, January 03, 2008

Aerobics Class

Oh man, I went to my aerobics class this morning. I was kind of bummed because at that time there was only a Low Impact class but I figured it was better than nothing. Plus, I've just had baby and everything. Should ease back into. Sooo, I went into the class just feeling great. I got at least 5 hours of sleep so I really felt hyped. Well, I was in the back so I was able to really see everyone in front of me. As we started to move, I noticed this lady, oh about in her early 60's, going really fast. I mean, if we were doing toe touches, she was practically doing jumping jacks. Everything we were doing, she was magnifying it by like 10. She was crazy! I mean, it was good for her but man did she really mean business. I figured she would eventually run out of steam. Noooooo.... she was like that for the full 1 hour and 15 minutes in that class. It was like someone doped her up on Starbucks, wound her up and let her loose. I was in awe. That woman had some serious energy. She hardly had a sweat. Wow. I do aerobics 5 times a week now so I only have that particular class twice a week and Total Body Conditioning the other 3 days. I look forward to watching the Energizer Bunny again though. Pretty cool.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Hey, if I wake up and get dressed, that's as much exercise as I get right now. I am SO TIIIRED. I can't imagine having a baby and *still* getting that aerobics class energy! Whew!

Are *you* drinking Starbucks or somethin'??!

Virginia Revoir said...

LOL! No I don't drink Starbucks. I do drink coffee in the morning but it's only half caffeinated. I can't handle full amount because I am already so hyper on my own that full caffeine makes me tired. It's the opposite for me. I can do well with 5 hours of sleep at night. But I'm a hyper lady if I get 7!