Monday, January 07, 2008

Flagstaff Vacation!

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We tried to head out Friday night to Flagstaff but wasn't able to so we took off Saturday and spent the night till Sunday morning. On the way up, we were all so excited, the kids don't mind the long drive, they were excited to finally see snow other than in a story book! We realized partly up that we hadn't bought a snowboard so we went into Costco and got such a cool one. Unfortunately we couldn't find snow boots anywhere because places were sold out! Once we got into Flagstaff we knew right away we needed to find a hotel. We were lucky to get one because most places were booked. The one we finally got had just one bed but we were just happy to have a warm place to sleep! The kids were all so hyper and excited that I tried to put on some cartoons to get them laying down and relaxing. It didn't work. Ivy and Ryan were the most awake and stayed up till 4:30am. Believe me, I never learned so much patience before. I was incredibly tired and they were so awake. Ivy kept getting up to turn the lights on and play. Finally at 4:30am when they passed out, so did I! I got up 3 1/2 hours later because I hate to waste a day. After I woke everyone up, I dragged them downstairs to breakfast. They said they were grateful later because they wanted to see snow. :o) After being outside in the cold, we found out we needed something to protect the kids from letting moisture in their jackets so we bought Nike outfits to put over their other stuff. Then we bought a thermos so we could have hot cocoa in the snow! Once we got to playing in the snow, since some areas were coming up to my knees, snow was getting into our shoes. All four kids started crying because their shoes were soaked through and we had to carry them back up hill along with the carrier. So we decided to take a break inside a restaurant and then go buy them some more warm socks. Later we headed to a different area where the snow didn't come over their shoes. They had much more fun then. :D We so wanted to be in church Sunday night so we tried to head back. The snow started getting really heavy then so we stopped in a certain area where we could use the restrooms and such. The kids played for another hour in a big open field. They had such a blast. We found out that not only will the snow not be letting up, it was quickly turning into a snow storm so we just had to head out. We could barely see the road and we were seeing lots of accidents a long the way. I was glad we made it back safely! It was a blast and we plan on heading back in another week or so. It definitely was a winter wonderland and nothing is more enjoyable and satisfying than vacationing with little ones. :D


VaQueenBee said...

Sounds like lots of fun! It just doesn't seem right though that you were playing in snow in Arizona and it was 70 degrees here yesterday at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains! LOL

I'm glad you had such a good time!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Aw, sweet. Maybe try RAINBOOTS with a couple thick pairs of socks next time? Or the thrift store in the area - you might be surprised. Especially if you're not using boots every day where you live, you could probably buy some shoddy ones cheap for a few days LOL! Poor guys and their wet toes.