Monday, July 30, 2007

Damage Control Monday

Definition: A homemaker is a person whose prime occupation is to care for their family and/or home.

Damage Control, emergency control of situations that may hazard the sinking of the ship. (This is just an example of the words "Damage Control". However I liked this one. Gave me a good chuckle.)

I have finally come up with a good name for Mondays around here. On Fridays we usually have Bible Study, then Saturdays we're running around with chores or spending time together. Like this last Saturday, Charles and I were out pulling weeds, watering plants, cleaning off the cement. All the while having a water fight with kids. By night time, we are off to our Church's Saturday night concert scene where my husband plays drums in a band. Sundays we're are off to church for Sunday school and morning service. Then night is church and the kids sometimes have children's church. So, imagine all that running around what it can do to a house.

 Therefore, Mondays are like this overhaul cleaning day to make everything beautiful and perfect again. That way all the rest of the days are just maintenance days. I used to call it "Homemakers Day". I'm home all day so I can do the work. I never make any other plans ever for that day. BUT, I have come up with a new name. Since the house is at it's worst state on Mondays, I now call it "Damage Control Monday". D-Day. Hee, hee... Now that I told you all that, I'm off to do some serious Damage Control. :o)

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Just dropping by your blog! I really liked it!