Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chaotic Day! Coffee Anyone?

You should've seen today, it was so wild. Not only did I have my four kids, plus my friend's two kids I'm watching for the week of Conference, but I also had my friend over with her 3 kids all day. The whole day she couldn't get me to sit down. I told her because it takes a lot to keep up after 9 kids in the age ranges of 1-6.

 I don't like my house to get dirty anymore so I just keep up on it constantly. So, now that I've trained my boys to clean up after themselves, they do such a good job, that my cleaning life has improved dramatically. However, whenever I have other kids over that don't know the rules, that can get pretty tough. So, I made lunch for 9 kids today, and then once the husbands were home (no, I'm not Mormon, the other man was my friend's husband), I made dinner for 15 of us total. 

After the family left, I bathed the 6 kids left, laid them down, played a game of Uno with Chaz, then washed a couple of loads of laundry, then cleaned up my kitchen. Well, actually my house because I couldn't go to bed seeing how dirty it was. Now I am hear writing this blog. Now, as you you can see, it is time for me to go to bed as this will post late. (First I need to fold a load of laundry) Hmmmm.... I need to wind down and get some sleep. I don't know who gives me this energy being that I constantly forget I am 7 months pregnant. LOL! I seriously always forget. Except for that constant aching in my back that never goes away. I hope my dad doesn't read this or he's gonna call and lecture me! :P

Oh, funny story of what happened night before. At first I had our little guests Katie and Matthew sleep on some cushions on the floor of my 2 year old daughter's room. However, at 3am, Ivy thought it was a good time to stand up and talk to the sleeping kids on the floor. She just babbled and babbled till she woke them up and made them cry. After I switched their stuff to the couch, I tried to make Ivy lay down but then she thought I was a good candidate to hear her chatter. I finally had to go get Charles and he was able to get her to go to bed. By the time I got all the kids settled again and I fell back asleep it was already 4:30am. Mercifully I slept till 7am. Heard Katie and Matthew crying so I got up to get them some water and help them go back to sleep. I laid back down thinking how wonderful the pillow felt until I heard kids crying, "Get off! Get off!" I ran out of my room and couldn't believe what I saw. I saw my Great Dane Daisy laying across both the kids on the couch enough to where they couldn't get up. I pulled Daisy off, because she knew they were laying in her spot, and put her outside. I forgot to disarm the alarm and the alarm just started going off really loud! Oh my gosh! So I ran to enter in the code to make it stop. After I settled the kids back down to sleep, my phone just started ringing off the hook. Katie thought she had to pick it up everytime so she would come get me to answer phone. Finally, I just went and unplugged phone, and hid the handset. Then I was able to lay back down for a little longer and get some much needed rest. : )

What a tough first night for the guest kids! Then, you scroll to the top to see the story above, and that's how the rest of the day went. LOL! Just had to share the funny day with you. I think tomorrow will be much calmer. I'm sure... yes....
Thanks for letting me share my day with you. You know me, the journaling person.


Anonymous said...

You have such a good heart baby. Even through it all you have had a great attitude!

MLLiebhardt said...

Your blog is REALLY cute
I am working on getting mine up and running again, and I'd like to start writing more.

Quick question - How do you get the pics at the TOP of the page?

Anonymous said...

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