Monday, February 05, 2007

Little Cuties

I love this pic of Ivy reading a book. When she's quiet, I can almost count on seeing her sitting in a little corner reading a book. It's so cute.

This past weekend we tried to go up to Flagstaff in the snow but we couldn't because the cabin was booked. I tried to see for 2 days if there was a cancellation. I hope it keeps snowing so Charles and the kids can hit the slopes soon! I'll be standing by since I'm preggo. Nate and Mandie got to go down last Tuesday. They had a blast taking their kids down the hills. Sounds so fun!

Here is a pic of Kids Club today at the mall. Persephone has been around forever doing this show. I remember taking Chaz when he was a newborn. Chaz was actually out of school today and he was really happy to be at Kids Club. Even though he's surrounded by little tots, he still soaks it all up. :)

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