Monday, May 04, 2015

Baby Jaxon Martin!!!!

Okay, so I'm in love.... again!!!! My sweet baby boy was born on April 24th.  What an amazing experience and by far my easiest labor. Can any future babies I have be this easy to deliver?

I went in at 7am but they didn't get things started till 9am. By 3pm I had him after only one push! By the time I was dilated to a 9, the pain was so manageable that none of us thought it was time. Sigh... If only it were always this fast and easy. After I birthed him I wasn't tired, worn out, nor was I sore. Just an incredible experience. Maybe God had mercy on me after getting so sick with acid reflux the last 3 months. Ha.

Anyway, what is wrong with me? I don't blog as often. I know I'm a mom of eight (whoa) but still.... I love to blog!  I still don't feel like I have 8 kids. When I'm around them it feels like a small group of kids. I JUST had Jaxon and my oldest son is asking me to have more. He's worried I'll run out of time and get too old. Funny! I'm only ummm.... (seriously can't remember how old I am. Hold on.) I'm only gonna be 36 this June! Okay, if I was gonna be 37 in June I would have freaked. Phew. WOW, I really am running out of time.... Sigh. Why does time have to go so fast? Why do we have to age so fast? There is sooooo much living to do but the childbearing years are so short. :( Thank you, God, for my 8 babies and the one You have in Heaven. Thank you for alllllll your blessings.

Anyway, I can't wait to share more photos soon!
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