Monday, January 27, 2014

Cone of Shame

The last time I wrote a blog I said pretty soon I'd find another animal in need. That very day I got a knock on my door. A neighbor told me of a hurt dog in the field right next to me. He had been attacked and won't go to her. He was shaking and hurt. Before finishing talking I ran through my back gate and out to the field. He was so little and camouflaged I almost couldn't see him. At first I could tell he was worried I was coming to hurt him. I saw bite marks on his body. Ohhh, my heart broke. With soft words I was able to get close enough to him. I could see he couldn't use one of his legs. We wrapped in a blanket with my hands and arms covered back to our house. 

He's doing much better no after a week and is running around with our other dogs. We found an  amazing product for his wounds that help him to heal quickly. Sometimes he shakes from the pain. I'm pretty sure he escaped from nearby breeders. Often their gates are open and their chihuahuas just wander the streets. I've taken in several before that were underfed and their bones were brittle. :( Makes me sad. We eventually had to get Popcorn an ecollar because he kept chewing and licking his wounds. He is such a happy dog now even though he still has a ways to go in healing.  He gets lots of loving from my kids too. The godly care for their animals, but the wicked are always cruel.

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