Friday, January 17, 2014

Rescuing Abused or Lost Animals

Often times when someone finds a sad little animal somewhere without its mom they usually call me. Not sure how I became home base for people to call but they do. Good thing I like animals. That doesn't mean I have 20 dogs running around. Haha

Last week someone called me about a 3 week old black Labrador. This puppy should have still been on mommy's milk. Well, it had no home so I drove off to go pick it up. Craigslist gets so many ads from me. I usually have the animal about a week to make sure it's healthy and watch behavior. This puppy was doing amazing even though it needed mommy's milk. After putting up ad I got bombarded with calls. I screened the lady first and then drove puppy over. This puppy was the cutest ever!  I will miss him. Most likely another person will call next week about a lost puppy.

It hasn't always been roses rescuing dogs. Once we found a black chihuahua who was incredibly skinny. We immediately started trying to get him back to health before finding a home. He ended up breaking one of his legs real easy because his bones were so brittle from poor nutrition his whole life. Yikes! We had to take poor little Ninja to the vet and set his leg in a cast.

One horse we rescued died a month after we found her a home. She was tied up somewhere with no water and had cuts on her leg. It was so sad. :( Sheyenne was a sweet horse but couldn't be saved in time. I have some pictures of how skinny she was when we first got her till we fattened her up. She ended up dying while in owners care because the infection in her leg was so bad.

Rescuing animals has its sweet moments and it's bad moments. But it's worth it.

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