Monday, December 09, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest 2013

The church teens wanted to have an ugly Christmas sweater contest.  Ugly sweater?  No problem!  Ha!  I took Chaz and Ryan to a thrift store.  The problem was we couldn't find any ugly Christmas sweaters.  Instead, we had to buy the best we could and simply uglify it.

We bought some stuff we needed. We had so much fun laughing in the store at all our silly ideas.  Man, it cost a lot of money to make these sweaters and only wear them once.  I'm just gonna have to hang onto them for future parties.  :D

Ryan's we added some stuff from a wreath and even sewed onto it a stuffed puppy. It's hard to see but there are lots of bells on it.

Chaz's jacket was hilarious.  We just sewed on red buttons, bells, red tassels, stuff from a wreath, and glitter balls.  What a weird combo with the jacket!

Guess who wonnnn!!!!!  Hahaha.  Everyone loved their sweaters.  A lady took their pictures for their work flyer.  She wanted to promote their own contest.  A man asked to borrow Ryan's sweater for a contest at work.  It was so fun!

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