Friday, August 27, 2010

Unusual Weather Makes a Beautiful Zoo Day

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  I don't know if I have shared but this year I am not homeschooling. My kids are in a charter school.  So far they are loving it!  So today I took my two little ones to the zoo with a friend.  It was so weird because I kept looking around me to see if I was missing any kids. It is the weirdest thing to feel like you are missing someone constantly. 

Ashley looked funny trying to take a huge bite out of a sandwhich. 

We rode the train around the zoo and had fun just totally relaxing.  To tell you the truth, I didn't notice the animals much.  I'm more into the beautiful nature.  Trees and plants around me.  I even hugged some of the plants!  LOL.  I've seen the animals tons of times already because I have a membership there.  For me, going to the zoo means I get to walk in an area that doesn't feel like a desert.

THIS.... is a cool picture though.  Beautiful.  Caught her sleeping on the rock. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Boy Turns 10

Whoa, this post is late but my biggest turned 10!  Can you believe it?  Boy, time flies.  When I first started blogging he was 5, going on 6.  I only had 4 kids. 

In that time we've discovered so much about Chaz. His struggles and strengths.  His weaknesses but also his triumphs. 

He's still my baby boy who I still try to cuddle with.  heh heh

His grandma is in pic with Ivy and my baby Caleb below with Kyle to the right.  We met after church at McDonalds. 

This is a neat pic I took of everyone that showed up except you can't see a few of us in it from this angle.

I do not know what Charles is doing in this picture below but I think maybe he is looking for food on the face.  Not sure.  Heh heh

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Working At The Polls

Guess where I am?  Working at the polls. Would it surprise you if I told you that in 10 hours we've only had 13 voters??? 

The good news is I am working with my best friend and so time is flying.  :)  I have 4 more hours to go. 

I am excited that I get to finally get to work at a place like this.  I told them to sign me up for future polls. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Finally Painted!!!

I finally did it!  I HATE, HATE, HATE painting but I LOVE the results.  So finally I did. It's beautiful too.  After I painted I went to Lowe's and looked at paint for the other two walls you can't see at that angle.  I picked out a sample and the guy making my sample noticed that another paint was gonna get clearanced out and it was almost exactly the same shade.  So I bought the $33 paint for only $5 and went home and finished the rest of the kitchen.  It's feels more homey now to me.  I dislike white walls like crazy. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Karaoke With Friends

I watched two kids for a week in July and they brought an American idol Karaoke game for their game system.  I had so much fun playing with it I had to buy some for mine.  Then I got Michele in on it (middle), then added Jessica.  FUN!!!  One you get past the "oh, I hope I don't make people roll over with laughter because of my singing" then it's just so fun. 

Ashley had to join in.  She doesn't know what she's singing but she actually sings on key!  When she gets booed off because she doesn't know the words I always clap and say "Yay, Ashley!"  LOL

Michele and Jessica are showing you what snobby people look like.  They don't do it very well (they are way too nice).  Why do some people think just because their parents had money that they are royalty?  I'll never know.  :P 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meet The Teacher

The last few weeks have been so crazy busy that I couldn't get anywhere near my beloved wifi.  I know I say that a lot lately.  But it's true.  :)

This year my kids are in a Charter school and I had to convince my kids that it was gonna be a lot of fun.  Except Ivy of course. She wanted to go no matter what.

So off we went to Meet the Teacher night and once the kids got to meet their teachers and find out that they each had a friend they knew in their class, they were ecstatic! 

I fell in love with the kindergarten classroom because it looked like one should be.  I've been to some that looked so scary and bland that I didn't want to leave my kids there.   There was actually some toys.  :D

The other kids liked visiting Ivy's kindergarten class too.  :)

My best friend Michele also has her kids there so my kids are so happy to have buddies they know. 

Do you know what I've been doing since they started school?  Well, on Monday I went to Michele's house and help her clean and then on Tuesday she came to mine.  It was fun and we got to visit at the same time.  We are thinking about keeping that routine.  :)  Was super fun. 

It's gonna be fun having my two little babies at home and just cuddling them a bunch.  I definitely needed this year to have time with them.  Homeschooling has awesome advantages but every now and then I like a year where I can just  be with my babies for a few hours.  :)