Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pains of Painting

Okay, so I've bought like 7 gallons of paint to paint inside my house. Of course I didn't think about how the color tends to come out darker than the swatch says. Sooo, this is what it looks like. It turned out okay though. It's called "Old Gold 5". The other two walls I'm going to paint "Pale Gold 2" so that the whole room isn't dark. Plus I will follow that color into kitchen and hallway. Except for the one red wall I will have in kitchen. Phew, this is a big job. Lets hope I do it right. I'm glad I have a great sis who can send me suggestions. She's really good at this stuff. She lives all the way in South Africa so It's not like I can just have her over and take over for me! (I wish). I have to just try my best because decorating is hard for me. This pic is taken at night so room is kind of dark.

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