Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Times!

(Picture is of my little girl who just passed out on couch)
Hey guys!!! I've had a nice break from blogging and surfing the internet. I really felt like I needed a time to focus on God and not so much on the others things that were crowding in on my life. My kids and I have really tried to change our layout of the day starting with bible study in the morning before Homeschooling time. We have really loved it. Also, in the meantime, I bought an acoustic guitar and have been learning some songs and such! It has been really fun! I really wanted to be able to play guitar while my kids sang in bible study. It's been really neat seeing my boys get closer to God and asking more questions. It has been a great time! Now we are heading closer to Spring cleaning time so I am gearing up for that soon. We really need to declutter (once again). I have no idea how we get so many things. It's truly amazing. It just multiplies so quickly! LOL! So, I'll be happy once we get through with that. Right now I am looking outside and I can see that my boys have put blue tape all our great dane. It's completely wrapped around him and up his tail. You know, tape for paint prepping? Hmmm... interesting.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Virginia, your house looks beautiful! I'm glad you're back. I will pop you back on my links... I wasn't sure if you were done blogging for good and took you off for a bit.

I love how the couch goes in the room.

I hope you're loving homeschooling too. Have you gotten the shopping for curriculum bug yet? I look at stuff constantly!!