Thursday, September 06, 2007

Too Blessed to be Stressed!

I had a really difficult and weird couple of days. Or should I say month? LOL! My husband got laid off of his job a month ago but he left with an amazing letter of reference for the next company. Well, we decided that with us having savings money, instead of him finding work right away, he would take time off and be with me in my last month of pregnancy. So far it's been awesome since I have had horrendous back pains in this pregnancy and I lose lots of sleep over it. The doctor gave me pain pills but they are very powerful and knock me out for like a day and a half. Not a good thing when you have four little kids. Anyhow, so in these circumstances, we are also hoping for things to ride pretty smoothly and I have to honestly say they have. Between my friends Brianne and Michele, they have been great support for us and are always there.

Yesterday we got a nail in our tire and had to take our van to Discount Tire to get it it fixed. Because of it, we couldn't meet the boy's bus in time and they had to be taken to my friend's house who lives close by. Today, as we were leaving a store with a big shelf on the top of our van, our van overheated and we had to pull over. We couldn't of been stuck in a more terrible spot because we were very far from any phones and didn't have cell phones on us. We sat in the heat for quite some time waiting for van to cool down so we could look under the hood.

 With my back pain, I am unable to sit for very long so I had to pace under the 100 degree sun since there was no shade anywhere. The worst part was that my four year old had to go poopie and couldn't wait. Where we were parked was off the side of the road with a big empty field. Lots of cars were constantly passing us and could easily see anyone on the field. I looked everywhere to find a place for my son to relieve himself but had to just help him go into the dirt right there in front of cars. With his little white butt, I'm sure it was a strange sight. Charles was so embarrassed! LOL! Finally we found out what was wrong with our van and could only put a temporary fix on it till we could get to nearest gas station. 

 From there I called my friend, once again, to see if my kids could be dropped off at her house till we got there. Once we left gas station, we couldn't leave to get part for van because we had to go pick up the boys. After we picked them up, with a temperature gage going up and down, we tried to get home as soon as possible. As we were pulling our van into the garage we heard a "crunch sound". Charles said, "what the heck was that?!" We pulled back out and realized we had forgotten all about the shelf on top of the van and crushed part of it! Charles hopped out of van and was so upset but when I saw the crushed shelf I just lost it. I started laughing and laughing. I couldn't stop. We had just been stuck in the heat for a long time because of our van and now that we finally made it home, we smashed the one thing we had bought today. Charles just looked at me weird as he saw me laughing my head off. I figured, why cry? Might as well have a good laugh! It was a funny sight seeing Charles try to fix the crushed leg on shelf it was smashed so bad. LOL! When I finally got inside, I changed and my shirt practically peeled off from sweating so badly in the heat. It sure was a strange end to a strange day!

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Oh. My. Word.

And you didn't include pictures?? You just can't make up stuff like this...

Mrs. C.