Wednesday, September 05, 2007

36 Week Pregnancy Check-up

I'll bring a piece of my journal here.

My check up for 36 weeks went well. I lost a pound so I've only gained 18 lbs so far. Hopefully it'll stay there for the next couple of weeks or for the last month. I am 1cm dilated so far. That's good to know because a couple of weeks ago I was not dilated at all. But who knows with that stuff. It could mean nothing, depends with each pregnancy. Ashley's heart beat sounds good and she's measures good. I'm so curious as to how much she's gonna weigh. I haven't had any more ultrasounds at all to see. I'm trying to buy the stuff I need as fast as possible. I have a cradle and a changing table now but I'm still trying to get a rocking chair for nursing. I'm gonna set her up in our room because we don't trust Ivy! LOL! We just know she'll try to mother her so once Ashley is old enough, we'll move her in with Ivy. Right now Ivy would just want to crawl into Ashley's crib and try to give her bottles and blankets. So, for sake of Ashley's survival, I think we'll be extra cautious. LOL!

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