Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New, Hard Fostering Experience

Boy, my life just got super hard.  I have a new appreciation for my foster daughter after having received a new foster son last Friday.  In no way am I a licensed theraputic foster home.  Just a licensed foster home.  Sooooo, this is new territory for me being I have a boy with major issues and having experienced so many hard thing.  Ugh, my heart hurts.  WHY DO PEOPLE HURT KIDS???  WHY???  This boy I'll call James is a SWEET boy who is hurting beyond words and it shows through his behavior.  I lock up anything and everything that is dangerous including anything you'd never know was dangerous.  Heck, my house is really baby proofed now for sure.  This boy is worth it.  I promised to give it a shot and I promise to give it my very best with all my heart.  While he is at school I'll be praying in his room, especially the Warfare Prayer. :(  I want to write so much more but first need to know how much I'm allowed to say.   Please pray for my family as we are praying heavily for him and it takes a LOT OF WORK to keep him in check. 

Dear God, I pray for this beautiful, amazing boy that you designed and made.  I pray for healing in his heart and his mind.  I pray that any hurt that is tormenting him will be dealt with, processed, and healed.  I pray that he will learn self control when he feels like there is no hope and throws all caution to the wind.  Help me to show him the love that he so much deserves.  You love Him so much and you made a way for him to get out of the abuse.  He now needs healing.  Thank you so much for trusting him in my care.  I need you and I need strength.  Amen.

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