Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Foster Care Licensing Chaos

Omgosh, we're finally done with all our foster care licensing!  We are just waiting for the final approval.  We started back in October and it took all of my free energy and time.  I'd take care of the kids all day and study late into the night.  Add 3 home inspections to that, CPR/First aid training, gaining 2 foster kids and losing 1, renters moving in and out, and just a normal large family chaos..... you get a lot of coffee.  Ha ha.  Ahhhhh, free time.  A little bit.

Large family life has really upped it's game on me.  I can hardly keep up.  I'm finally starting to realize that 10 kids (eight of my own and two foster kids) is about all I can handle.  No joke.  It has always been my dream to have my own kids but take in a couple and I'm living that dream!  I loooooove my life and so grateful for everything.  

Our foster daughter has never been to Disneyland so we are trying hard to make that happen for her. It's just gonna cost a ton to bring a large family there for the two day ticket price.  $1,902 to be exact.  That's JUST the entrance fee.  Wouldn't it just be so amazing to bring in kids and bless them with some adventures, hugs, and fun?  Yay!  A lot of time they go through some pretty rough stuff, traumatizing stuff.  I've known some that were trapped in their home and can't even go outside.  I had one foster son where his dream was to see the ocean.  He was moved to a group home before we could take him. For now, we can't wait to show the beach and Disneyland to our foster daughter.  But, ohhhh, the cost of traveling, hotel, and tickets are a bunch.  We're gonna give it our very best shot and if save like mad.


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