Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Fun, Messy, Crazy, Terrorizing, Cute Toddler

We call her Little T....  More about my toddler later.

I'm sooooo excited about all the birthdays in August.  My three older boys have birthdays in the same month, all two weeks apart.  Why am I happy?  Laptops!!!!  For their birthday I'm buying laptops for each of them so we can get through our homeschool faster.  We have been homeschooling five kids on two laptops and our days have been long, house much messier, and mama more tired.  Ha.  So, I'm super, duper excited.
I'm so proud of the girls for doing a second dumping of all the junk in their room.  You wouldn't believe how little of stuff they have left and they don't want it.  Seriously.  I thought we did a good cleaning out a few weeks ago, but when we had to completely empty the room to paint, oh my gosh, the stuff that came out. I had no idea how much was hiding.  I don't push it on them, they just hate having to clean all the time.  I had a hard time putting ANYTHING back in the room because they were so concerned about clutter.  Makes me proud.  :D

Juliet is the HARDEST toddler I've ever had.  My days are so full with her.  She does not play at all with her new kitchen.  She doesn't play with her dolls, large legos, or any toys.  She pulled out all the diapers, wipes, draws on the walls, puts stuff in the toilet, digs her nails into the deodorants, dumps out all my jewelry, climbs on the counters, and has now learned how to take off some the gates we use to block rooms.  She JUST turned two.  Ohhhhh my.  We have chain locks on the doors because of her escaping tendencies. I'm not sure how but as much as she tortures her older siblings, she has them wrapped around her tiny pinky.


She cute, but I need patience.  Please, oh please, oh please, oh please. Haha.

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