Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Debating Homeschooling or Brick and Mortar for Next School Year

The homeschooling convention is this week and I'm debating if I should go.  I absolutely LOVE that I can receive encouragement there and meet other homeschooling moms.  Most importantly, I love finding new products that could help aid me in teaching my children.  Last year was amazing but I'm determined to go by myself this year so I can focus on the products more than bringing along someone just for social fun. Even though it WAS fun.  ;)

I guess you can say, and obvious to some, that my weakness is proper grammar and punctuation.  I try my best but when I'm questioning myself I like to check www.Grammarly.com.  Seriously, it's pretty cool.  So here is what I did with the first paragraph that I had typed above. After I wrote it I copy and pasted the text into the box to do a grammar check.

Click on picture to enlarge
Then I clicked on the orange button to check my text...
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Then it starts to check my text for grammatical errors.  Pretty cool, right?

"Grammarly is an automated online proofreader that points out and explains those pesky grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes that are bound to find their way into children’s writing assignments. While we appreciate the trust our 3 million users put in us, we’re even more satisfied by the daily thanks we get from parents who have used Grammarly to help homeschool their kids."

The kids have really been used to the easier days of getting their homeschooling done pretty early and then chores.  I think they have been a little spoiled actually.  I've loved learning right along with them but I feel like they have it too easy.  I don't know if I should try out a nearby school for them this up and coming school year or really amp up their work during the day.  I just wish so much they could scale regular school down and not overload our kids.  It just bugs me that they are gone at school alllll day and then are expected to do more work at home.  It's just overkill.  I don't know.  I really need to give it more time to think about.  I'm not against schools at all except for the influences from other kids.  My kids' behavior is waaaaay better when they are homeschooled because they aren't having to deal with extreme peer pressure all day.  I guess I feel like although putting them in school would make my job A LOT easier, in the long run am I doing the best think for them?  Am I doing what's best for their souls?  I don't know.  I wrack my brain too much and too late at night. 

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