Saturday, June 30, 2012

Larger Families Living in a Glass Bowl

We joined this awesome and new community center that opened up and it's waaaay better than the YMCA we always go to.  One day we decided just to do a tour and see what they offered and we were blown away.  Even MORE, we were blown away that they offer music lessons to kids for a low cost.  There are many homeschooling benefits there.  My kids can do the sports in August, music lessons, and can swim in the indoor pool all year round no matter the weather.  My husband does Muay Thai and although I'm not sure they have that there, they do have boxing and a full boxing ring.  :D  After seeing everything they had we quickly signed up.  Also, they will be offering ballet lessons which the girls have been waiting and waiting for.

I don't know about you but I can't stand cabin fever and ALWAYS being indoors.  We need to have an outlet, a place to go to just run off energy, work out, play, and just get our mind off our work.  Who doesn't?  The gym though is my favorite and if I could, I'd spend at least an hour to maybe two hours a day in there.  I love being in the gym, the sound of the weights, and just working out.  However, it's not so easy to do that and I haven't been able to go daily like when I was a teen.  I miss it though!  So, maybe just three times a week for now at the gym.  

Being that Juliet is a newborn and I don't want her getting wet, I have to sit out while Charles swims with the kids.  Someone has to always be with Caleb and Ashley in the water so I just brought a picnic and happily took pictures.  :D  Juliet is such a sunshine and my sidekick so we were fine just sitting and watching the kids play.  

Getting out doesn't necessarily have to always cost a tons of money, that's why we joined a community center.  Usually we are at the YMCA every year but they just didn't have much to offer.  It was just a gym and a pool.  I'm super excited this place was built because I feel like for such a low monthly fee my large family can just get out and hang out here whenever we want.

Ivy at the top
When I was signing up I asked if there were any other large families that come.  I love meeting other moms with lots of kids.  They said yes and they had just been in the other day. I said I hoped I would run into them sometime.  The guy said, "Yeah,  they were here.  The kids were all over the stairs and being crazy."  Hmmmm... that statement was loaded.  I got the hint that he was saying the mom couldn't control them but he wasn't really being rude.  I think since large families get watched more, there is a bit of a higher standard.  You wouldn't notice as much if one or two kids were just going up and down the stairs. Sure they laugh and make some stomping noises but times that by seven or 10 and it can seem really chaotic and out of control.  Imagine a small daycare set loose on the stairs. Therefore, I do get on my kids a bit more about setting an example for other kids.  "But mom, that kid is doing it!"  I know but that doesn't mean it's okay is the same thing I tell them every time.  For awhile there we were hardly ever getting out to save money so when I would take the kids out, it was really tough.  We've been having to train our kids and remind them again that in a restaurant you can't talk as loud or be as wiggly as you would at our own dining room table.  My older three had lots of training because we went out A LOT with them.  My younger three had very little training since we rarely were going out so we've been really working with them.  Baby Juliet's job is to just be cute.  :)  We even write the littlest ones a chore card that says "Be cute".  Caleb is turning three pretty soon and he'll be getting his first chore.  There first chore at three is always to pick up shoes and put in shoe bin.  

Do you ever notice when you are in a restaurant and people are just staring?  I don't think it's because they are being rude but more that they are just curious how a large family functions.  They want to see how you control your kids, what their manners are like, and how everyone interacts.  One time we were in a little pizza joint and a lady kept staring at us.  I felt a bit uncomfortable  but just tried to ignore it.  She was alone and dressed very nice.  Well, when we went to go pay for our food the waiter said we were paid for.  I asked him how that was possible and he said that lady had paid and wanted us to know we had a nice family.  I did notice that she had a sad look on her face and was very quiet.  Then I wondered what life was like for her. Was she able to have any children?  Does she have children but they are grown and raised?  Is her family broken?  I had no idea but my heart went out to her because she had sad and longing look on her face.  

Friday, June 29, 2012

Surviving in a Tough Economy

Prayers were answered!  My husband has a job back in his field again!  It's been a tough 3 years with him losing his job to the economy.  I had to check my attitude many times when it got really tough.  I didn't have the spending money I used to have but quickly learned how to be frugal.  I didn't know bargain hunting would be so fun!  :D  I learned that saving money and being responsible is important no matter how much money you make.  I also learned to plan for the future rather than think what I have is permanent.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed. The last 3 years he had to find work way out of his field just so we could have something. I was proud of him because instead of wallowing in the mud and refusing to work unless he had THAT pay, he took a pay cut and stuck it out.  Finally, he's back in his career field and back to what he used to make.  In the last 3 years I've learned how incredibly wasteful we were and how to be resourceful.  I feel like God was doing a heart check on me.  Rather than rely on myself, I learned to rely on Him and have faith.  God gives and God can take away.  It's easy to smile when we have everything going for us but what about when that's all taken away?  Can we still praise God?  

My dad and Charles
I never want my husband to work extra hard just so I can have nice things.  I will sacrifice wherever needed to have him home and able to enjoy his family and not have to work his life away.  I know some have to just to survive.  I mean, having the choice, if it meant a smaller house, an apartment, whatever it takes, I'd rather have him home.  Awhile back when I was questioning whether or not to have any more kids.  Could we make it?  How will our finances cover it?  I had all those doubts and a man walked into my husband's office and wanted to talk to him. Without him knowing anything about us he said he felt that God wanted him to share something with Charles about faith.  He said God has a blessing on families and to trust Him.  As God gives us children, he will also make a way.  I believe we had 3 kids at the time.  He wasn't the only stranger that came up to us and shared like that.  We had many incidents like that.  It's amazing how true that's been and how God has always provided.  I've learned on my heart to be very, very frugal.  Whether it's making money online, spending hours each week couponing and looking for deals, or making cut wherever needed, it can be done to save money!  I've even raised chickens and sold them to homes where people wanted to have fresh eggs.  That was pretty fun and I'm thinking about starting that up again.  I thank God He's kept His promise and kept us afloat through the tough times.  I've learned some valuable lessons of not being wasteful that I'm gonna keep with me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Basics of Couponing and How to Get Started

Sooo, my blogging friend Sally asked if I'd do a guest post over at her blog about the basics of couponing.  I wrote it out it detail.  She has a fun blog all about reviews, giveaways, and freebies so if you'd like to read on getting the most for your dollar, come check out my post!  :D 

click here:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Raking In Savings from CVS

Yesterday my friend and I went out to CVS to see what kind of deals we could get.  We knew we were gonna pick up 6 bottles of Bayer Aspirin for free but since they were out we just got a rain check.  However, I got some other really good deals like Pantene ProV for only $1 each and pads for .77 cents each.  Here are my favorite deals that I got yesterday

All makeup (except for the Covergirl was 50% off) was 75% off then we used coupons for each item. Should have cost $83.73. Paid $2.90.

Diapers 75% off they should have cost $57.49. Paid $14.90.  Was only $2.49 each.

We love savings and hop on them when we can.  I was already getting low on diapers and once I saw a shelf that said 75% off, you bet I was gonna clear the rest of them out.  Diapers are a constant need around here with two in diapers and one in Pullups at night.  The makeup was a big deal because I was already in need of some.  Paying under $3 total for it was a major score since they had lots of makeup on clearance.  This is why I mostly buy any makeup from CVS or Walgreens (drugstores) because since they keep such a large selection, they tend to clearance them off more.  That's when I take those clearance items, put coupons with them, and rake in major savings.  My nonfood pantry is getting filled up with things we actually use.  It's nice that when we run out we can just go straight to the pantry to get another.  Most items in there were free or at least 75% off after sales and coupons.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

When Husband is Home We Play

Does anyone find it difficult to do your housework and other duties when your husband is home?  In the past when my husband would have a day off from work it was for playtime and fun.  Now that he is home every day we just want to play and hang out.  I get behind on my housework and laundry.  Either he is just THAT much fun to be around or it's a switch in my brain that I can't work around.  I like having daddy home and so do the kids.

Well, as much as I love having my husband home he does have another job interview tomorrow.  This is my dilemma... Charles had a job offer last week for a really, really good company. The problem is they are slow to hire but then people stay there for a lifetime.  It's SUCH a good company to work for.  Well, they won't give Charles an answer for 2-3 weeks.  The office really works together on who to hire and they have meetings about it.  Since some are on vacation, they have to wait till everyone is together to decide. Where does that leave us for 2-3 weeks?  Still no income till they decide.  However, he has a job interview tomorrow that sounds really interested and could be an immediate hire.  The only problem is that it's only a contract job and it will run out after awhile.  Do we just take the job because it's an immediate hire or wait for the other?  What if we wait and the other doesn't end up hiring?  Sigh.  If we had the money we would wait but the way the economy is right now you have to just take what you can get.  I prayed last night that God's will would be done.  I prayed that God would just shut the doors that would need to be shut and open doors where He would want them opened.  That took some relief off my tortured mind about this.

Juliet has been smiling a lot and is just a happy baby.  She rarely fusses and only does when she's hungry.  Ivy was deemed her "buddy" so she is happy to get stuff for her when needed.  Caleb is Ryan's buddy and Kyle is Chaz's buddy.  It works out good say when we are in public and one has to go to the bathroom then they aren't alone.  :)  Chaz took this picture of Juliet.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Curse of Hollywood

Can you believe this?  Man, time has changed!  I've always thought the models in the runway were waaaaaay too skinny that it was gross.  When I was a teen I would try and drink Ensure shakes because I felt that I was too skinny.  It didn't work and I didn't gain any weight. I probably thought like that because I wasn't raised with a TV and didn't read the teen magazines so I didn't feel that pressure to be deathly skinny from Hollyweird.  I'm telling you, kids get that vibe from those places. When you are sheltered from that, you don't feel that pressure.  Hollywood has really, really twisted our view of what is beautiful.  I bet half the women in America would not even worry about dieting if it weren't for the sick view of what's considered beautiful.  Of course obesity is unhealthy and that's a reason to diet but I see perfectly healthy women worrying about their weight.  I've been frustrated at myself for my weight and I have to keep mentally slapping myself and telling myself that I just had a baby a month ago.  

Have you seen this?  I love it!  I have it printed out for my kids and I'm gonna frame it.  Talk about taking it down to where kids can really understand it.  I read it to my family with a southern drawl and my husband and kids loved it.  Ha ha.

Ashley has been telling me how much she can't wait to be a mommy.  I was sitting down talking to Juliet and Ashley came up with her dolly and was copying everything I was saying.  Later, Ivy joined with her doll right next to me and they were copying every word. It was so cute.  I've been telling Ashley to just enjoy being little but she insists she's gonna grow up, get married, then have lots and lots of babies and she can't wait.  Heh heh... Fine with me since that'll make me a happy Grandma.  Still, I'm  in no hurry for my own babies to grow up.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prayers for a Job

Oh my gosh, it is so hard to get an available computer around this large family.  Ha ha.  So I have something important to ask.  My husband is currently out of work and he has a second interview with a company tomorrow.  He has been out of his field for three years since the economy went down and this is the first time he's been able to find any work in it.  Please, please pray for favor for us.  This is huge, it's what he went to college for and although he's been able to find some work out of his field, the pay is not so great  So Charles getting this job would be huge for us.  He's incredibly smart, my man is.  Heh heh.  I'm so proud of him.

We have been wanting to get out more with our family but it's been so incredibly hot outside we tend to just stay inside.  However, we did go to the YMCA yesterday and swim. Of course we brought a friend with us, Ryan's best friend.  Usually we bring an extra kid with us when we go places.  Not sure why but we just always have.  It is fun having adventures with this family.  :)  If we had to pick between having brand new things or going on more adventures, this family picks adventures every time.  Living frugal so we can afford to go out to fun places together or travel has always been our first choice.  It's just that our party size is getting bigger.  LOL.  By the way, we are one short of a group rate.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My 33rd Birthday and Favorite Hangouts

Michele helping change the tire
Yesterday was my 33rd birthday!  It started out with a really, really late breakfast at Denny's (since I slept in) and then I went out with my friend for the night.  Well, on the way to the mall I got a flat.  We were on the freeway and it was just Juliet, Michele, and I.  It was extremely hot and I had the baby in the car.  I didn't even know if we had a spare but thankfully we did.  Phew!  This is the second time Michele was with me when I got a flat and we had to figure out how to change a tire together.  LOL.  It's probably a good experience for us so I'm not stuck when I'm alone.  We finally headed off with black hands and nothing to clean them with till we got to the mall.  Now I know why mechanics use special soap because we couldn't completely get the black off. Michele and I were super embarrassed when we had to hand a card to the cashier and our hands were dirty looking.  Ha ha.  We tried scrubbing and scrubbing.

By the wayyyy!  Check out this awesome site I found where you can get free treats on your birthday!

Yesterday when we were out for breakfast with the kids, I was soooo proud of them.  It's not easy to have 7 kids and have peace and quiet all the time.  However, they were super respectful to the server and talked quietly and stayed in their seats.  All the hard work of training becomes more noticeable when we go out like that in public.  That's not to say it's always perfect of course.  It's just when Charles and I weren't taking our family out very much, there was not a lot of training moments.  Now that we are getting out more, it gives us more opportunities to train them on behavior in public.  I've had my share of embarrassing moments!

Charles, Chaz, and Ryan at IKEA
We love living nearby an IKEA and it's even cooler that they started doing Kids Eat Free every Tuesday!  It's a HUGE store that is two story and you get TONS of exercise just walking half of it.  You can get lost really easy but since we've been there so many times we can find our way out. We still haven't learned all the shortcuts though.  They have a restaurant on the second floor and it's so cheap to eat there.  Well, Tuesday we took our family there and all the kids ate free and Charles and I each got dinner for only $3.99 each.  Our favorite is the meatball plate with the sides.  Seriously, that is so cheap.  Every time I go I get a coffee there but I found out that since I signed up for their card (those cards you take to the store and it gets you money off) I get a free coffee every time I go.  SWEET!  I get coffee every time I go anyway!  Seriously, it cost us $10 to eat there for our family of 9.  You can't beat that.  I have a feeling we'll be eating there for dinner at least twice a month now.  They also have a kid check in area and our kids love it.  The kids that are too young or two old to go in the fun kid watch get an ice cream cone.  IKEA is one of our favorite hangouts.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summertime Messes and Girl Huddles

It's been tough keeping up on the house lately.  I think when I get out of my routine it throws me off big time.  I do spend a lot of time feeding Juliet and the summer has kept us busy.  I'm a routine person, not by nature, but out of necessity.  I tend to just want to play with my kids, hang out, have some adventures and forget about my boring work.  :P  I don't always sleep very good because I wake up all night with my little princess Juliet.  You know you're tired when you go to church with your shirt inside out and never realize it till afterwards.  Ummm.... yeah, a little embarrassing but oh well.  Ha ha.

Ryan is 10 here in this picture but he is always quick to remind me he'll be 11 in two months.  Heh heh..  Then Chaz pipes up and reminds me of his birthday.  Then they all want to remind me.  That's what happens when you have your kids' birthdays all two weeks apart.  It's one birthday and then BAM, another, then another, then another. Before you know it, we've gained 10lbs from all the cakes we've had.  LOL.  Seven babies in 11 years.  Not bad.  :D

The girls and I have been working on our "girl huddles".  I told them we need to have our own established team now that we have an extra girl in the family.  I pick up Juliet and we put our heads together, say something really silly in whispers, then say "one, two, three, break!"  When the boys ask what the secret was the girls always tell them.  Then the boys laugh because the girls can't keep secrets.  Silly girls.

We are trying to decide which homeschool program we want to use this year.  My friends and I are attending a conference.  Whatever I decide on we stick with for that whole school year rather than skip around.  I just want to touch and look through the books that I see rather than take someone's word for it or only see it online.  I really hope I make the right decision on one.  We shall see.  :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hostility Stores Have for Couponers

I had a horrible experience couponing at Fry's yesterday because I thought I'd give the one by me a shot again but the management made sure to show me their hostility again.  Just like always I stayed very kind to them in response but they really didn't care.  I think that store hates couponers and makes sure to show me even though I always follow the rules.  Other than that, in the last 3 days I saved around $1,000 with my couponing.  We did really well.  On average between the three stores I saved around 75%.  Pretty good!  My favorite deals were the $7 bags of string cheese that I got for only $2.50 apiece so I grabbed about 14 bags of them.  Also, I paid 29 cents for sour cream and 69 cents for cottage cheese.  I got about 80% off of my 7lbs of fresh ground beef at a different store.  Anyway, would take forever to share all the deals.  Basically, couponing works!  I actually found coupons for ground beef which is really, really rare.

I probably should share some of the same problems I get from Fry's when I coupon there.  This is not always at one store but the one by me serves as a good example so I'll share.  First of all, just two days ago I shopped at Fry's and they decided when they saw my cart that they did not want me to separate my items by threes.  The policy states that over three like coupons, they will not double.  I don't really buy in huge bulks as I only buy six of each things.  Unless, I get some online coupons and it's such a fantastic deal I get 10.  Because I only have six items and six coupons, I'll just separate in two different orders.  Well, they decided two days ago that they didn't want me to do that and just have me put it all in one order and all coupons will be made worth $1.  They didn't want the line to back up with customers.  So, I came back yesterday and did the same thing except this time they gave me no warning and the SAME check out lady decided to not tell me till she was scanning my coupons that she would NOT up my coupons after the third item. When there were wrong prices on items she would not stop and check it for me, even though I would ask, and when coupons would be stuck together, when she'd skip over them, she refused to go back and fix it to scan it.  On coupons that legitimately should have doubled up to $1 but didn't, she would ignore me and refuse to fix it.  I would kindly try to ask her to fix these things and she would either huff out loud, get irritated at me, and finally called the manager (that dislikes me very much).  Instead of checking into the right prices, he would just argue and say there is no way that item would be priced that.  When he finally did call back to that department to check the price, the guy wouldn't even know about it or explain why the price tripled overnight even though they said it wasn't supposed to.  The manager talked to me with such a hostility you could cut it with a knife.  Another manager lady came up and made sure some of my coupons wouldn't double.  When I kindly asked if I could just separate the transaction into two so my coupons would double, she once again ignored me and kept scanning.  Once she was done I simply went to customer service and got my money back.  I'm done going to this store, done with being hated because I'm a couponer.  I've never once talked rudely to the management there and have always kept my cool, even made sure I was following policy.  I have called corporate before to report the male manager but in order to cover his tracks he lied and said I was trying to break all the rules.  I keep a policy paper in my coupon book to make sure I know how Fry's works.  As of now I've been having to drive 10 miles out of my way to a Fry's store that has a nice manager.  She doesn't break rules or anything, I just love her because she's always treated me nice and respectfully when explaining things.  I always feel welcome there.

I guess in order to coupon, we're just gonna have to accept that bullying will almost always come with it.  Especially inconsistancy with the policies.  I will just deal with it in order to save money for our family, it just can really be a downer on your day.  I think sometimes it'd be good to send in coupon secret shoppers in order to fix poor customer service issues. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Large Family Weddings

It's embarrassing when I forget about very important family events and make other plans.  Thankfully my mother-in-law called and reminded me about our aunt's wedding.  We were going to be heading to Mighty Mud Mania and then I was to be going to a baby shower directly after.  Of course we happily cancelled those plans to come and support Aunt Kim.  :)

It was tough trying to get there because my son Kyle was throwing up and he was even getting sick allll the way there.  We were HOPING we would not get sick during the ceremony and even made him hold a doggy bag the whole time.  Seriously, throwing up would not be good sound effects for the wedding video or good floor decor. 

We arrived embarrassingly late because Kyle was sick so we had to stand out in the foyer during the ceremony.  The double doors were open though so we just stood where we could see.  I was SUPER proud of my kids. All 7 were respectful, still, and quiet while we watched.  Any peep or movement would have been noticed since it was so quiet.

Afterwards my husband's family got see Juliet for the first time.  His family is BIG since his grandma had 10 kids.  This picture is of my husband's cousin holding little Juliet.  Juliet is 3 1/2 weeks old now and is almost 9lbs.  They were matching in yellow!  

You know what is so neat about large families?  The support can be amazing.  The brides immediate family was all there, meaning just sisters, brothers, and mom yet it was a good amount of people.  I love that about big families.  :)  In this picture my mother-in-law is wearing black and her mom (who had 10 kids) is in white.  I love to ask her questions on how she managed a large family.  

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Moms Don't Get Sick Days

Boy, I haven't been blogging a lot.  There are some major stressful things happening in my life right now and I've been really sick with some sort of stomach bug.  It's so hard to be sick like this AND take care of your kids.  Earlier, I laid almost all my kids down for a nap except for the older ones and laid myself for some merciful sleep.  It's not like a mom can call off for a sick day.  Diapers still need to be changed, kids fed, but forget about cleaning.  Phooey.  The pain in sooo bad right now but I love to blog and it brightens my day.

coupon inserts ready to be torn out and stapled
Second step after putting together by pages,
stapling, then finally cutting out to put in book
This week I've been couponing every day getting ready for another major savings shopping trip.  It takes a good weeks worth of work and is tiring but the results are just awesome.  I'll be happy when it's done.  However, if I didn't get behind and immediately put my coupons away every week that I get from the Sunday paper, it would be so much easier to keep up.  Sigh.  I never seem to learn this.  Okay, so I've been going to the store every week to buy papers for the full price.  I used to go the 99cent store to get them for half the price but because they order very few papers it would always run out within 10 minutes.  I found a different store that also charges $1 for the Sunday paper and they have waaaaay more.  So now I'm getting my papers for half the price every month again.  Yay!  That's another savings.  

Juliet 2 weeks old at the zoo
Juliet is a dream. I know I say that a lot.  I just feel like with each baby I'm learning to appreciate things so much more.  With my first I couldn't wait for their first steps, first teeth, first everything.  Then I couldn't wait for them to crawl, walk, talk.  Then I was excited when they turned five and go to school.  Always waiting for the next thing.  Now, over a decade later I'm realizing that time flies way too fast (I also say that on here a lot) and I just can't help but appreciate things I never appreciated before.  For example, I have been changing diapers nonstop since the year 2000.  Seriously, there has never been a break for almost 12 years.  My first few I dreaded diaper changes.  I would sigh and be like "well, I have to change ANOTHER diaper."  Now, I will wake up all hours of the night to make sure Juliet is dry and just snuggle her up and talk to her.  Before I would be afraid that would wake her but I love to see her chubby cheeks under the moonlight that streams through the cracks in my curtain.  Every moment I get with her is special.  I love giving her a bath and seeing how she calms when you put water on the top of her head to rinse off the shampoo.  It's special just playing with her tiny, wiggly toes.  She messed up her outfit?  That's okay, what other cute outfit can we find?  So much has changed over time and you just start to realize that you will NEVER get those moments back so just love each one.  

Monday, June 04, 2012

Summer at the Zoo with My Family

I really love our zoo membership year around.  In the winter we spend more time looking at the animals but in the summer is when they turn the water on and we can sit in the shade and have a picnic.  

We pretty much just walk straight to where this is and let them play for awhile.  If the weather isn't too bad we might visit the petting zoo but in reality, most animals are hiding away from the heat.

We love to bring along Ryan's best friend Georgie.  He's a great kid and he gets along with everyone in the family.  Him and Ryan are the same age and both just as goofy.  Chaz is soooo sad that his best friend moved away and that happens to him a lot.  :(  He was crying to me about it last night.  I wish I could just steal his friend for a week since he lives about 2 hours away.  If our cars were reliable right now I would even drive up there to snatch him!  LOL.

Sigh.... I love that my husband is such a family man.  He enjoys hanging out with all of us.  Back in the day, like way, way back in the day... neither one of us would've been okay with hanging out with a ton of kids just for fun.  Ha..

Chaz likes to take our picture.  Sometimes I wonder if photo taking would be good therapy for Chaz because he's really good at it and can get lost in it.  By the way, I'll be getting an updated evaluation for Chaz but it takes awhile to set up the appointment and wait to finally get him seen.  Sigh... sometimes dealing with it is a lot to handle and a lot to think about.  I get overwhelmed and sad just wanting Chaz to enjoy life and not deal with all the bumps in the road that his brothers don't have to deal with. Especially rejection from other kids.  I wish I could protect him forever...

Ashley has pretty blue eyes and she's excited about turning 5 this year and "going to school."  She asks me how many days almost every day and wants me to rewash her new backpack for her Friday school.  Soooo cute....

Juliet is hiding in the back of the stroller so you can't see her but there we are with an extra kid in the middle!  I wish each kid could've brought their best friend but then we wouldn't all fit in our van.

Ivy is growing up fast and is actually a really good girl.  She gets her emotional moments but she's a sweetie pie.  Here we were in the gift store and she tried on some funny glasses.  

Ryan and the boys are trying to wrestle and get Chaz into the water. Chaz loves to wrestle but I've always warned the boys that once you wind Chaz up you are now responsible for winding him down.  He will wrestle you till the son goes down and beyond.  LOL.